Ball and Pin Pressing Machines

• 1st Station Ball Plug Press from One Side & Pin Press from Other Sides
• 2nd Station Leak Testing of the Plugged Holes for Both the Sides
• Ball & Pin Escapement is Automatic. Operator Will Load & Unload Cam Shaft Only
• All Pressing by Pneumatic Cylinders
• Control Through PLC Logic

Leak Testing Machines

Air Leak Testing for Carburettor

• Manual loading of job
• This is Three Passage Micro Leak Testing Machine for Carburettor
• All Three Passages are Simultaneously Checked for Leak rate
• Equipped with Ok job punch marking provision
• PLC controlled

P and M Test Bench

Air Leak Testing for Camshaft

• Manual loading of job
• Passage open confirmation provision
• Hole confirmation with help of pressure switch
• Leak testing at 2 bar air pressure
• Leak rate confirmed with Leak Tester
• Cycle start with two hand push button
• PLC controlled with OK-Not Ok indication

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